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Wed May 29, 2013, 6:49 PM




Mars is a winterboard theme for your iPhone Device. It themes all stock apps with a combination of glossy and matte icons. Through a lot of ups and downs, Mars  Theme is finally available.

What's Included

Mars features forty-two icons (not including alts), a lockscreen, two sleek docks (black and white), home screen wallpapers, & a Springboard UI. 

Installation Instructions

Mars theme is only available through the Cydia Store for $1.99. Installation is done by simply downloading the theme via Cydia. Tap here to launch Mars Theme on Cydia.The only remaining step is to enable the Mars ".theme" files on Winterboard.

Helpful Hints

Dock can be swapped by renaming dock files.
iPhone 4/4S and 5 phone icons are included.


I would like to thank, Elias Keppens, Kris MendozaAndy Ngo, and Nuahs for Inspiration and to all my beta testers who helped me with the theme. Special thanks to Jamie Trusky, Morgan Carmont, and Eli Schiff for extensive feedback and support; this theme could have not been made possible without them. 


:twitter: Follow me on Twitter balderoine for updates on Mars, new stuff, or if you have any questions! 

Hi guize. The previous journal got on my nerves so I'm writing a new one!

College has been so tough on me with assignment after assignment and I'm not complaining but I barely have any time as I use to. Its funny because I kinda hate when people say, "I've been so busy..."

That's why there hasn't been anything new from me which I wish I could change but it will f*** me up if I try.

So I understand those people who step a while to fill commitments now.

Well, there's nothing new other than my iStudiesPro and TaskEater blowing up, but I'm now a player on... drum roll... Dribbble!

Here's my link:

Big thanks and shout out to fellow deviant klikekyle for helping make it happen.

I'm really excited to create something epic to debut which is soon I hope.

These past couple of weeks I was also trying to get a partnership with a awesome wireless company but my credentials were incompatible at this time. I was hoping to get a iPhone 4 or 5 (you know the one coming soon) with any employment but not at this time, again.

And I also discovered SKRILLEX which I'll write a new journal about.

That is all.
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Journal Entry: Wed May 25, 2011, 6:55 PM
I feel like a loser writing this but I have to vent. Long story short, my mouse has been acting like a b***h but now that I finally got a new one I feel like I forgot how to use one and every time the new one doesn't work smoothly, my pissed level gets topped >9,000x and I yell got d**n piece of s**t son of a b**h a*****e m***********r.

My designs are ready to be made and I cannot get my rig to function properly.

What do you think? Do people still use mousepads or are they too Windows 2000/Me because I don't see them anymore.

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Yesterday and Today

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 28, 2011, 10:24 PM
Holly crap. My iPod is on crack for some reason. I added two or three songs yesterday and the library updated. But then, on the iPod everything was completely wiped out except some stuff bought from the iTunes store. Does anyone know why this happens?

I feel kind of guilty thought because 3.1.2 is the firmware it's running on. I know, where have I been?, 4.0 has been out since forever. When version 4 came out however, I didn't even bother upgrading because 3.0 does the job :D. I might as well perform the upgrade now but I'll be doing a restore (clean install) due to the 20 MB of space I have remaining.

Before I delete my stuff I thought I'd look at the most played song and play count and share with you guys. The top song is Up All Night by Drake w/ Nikki Minaj with a whopping 1,993 plays (Coincidentally a play less from my birth year wtf). My initial reaction was: what the f#%^ there's no way that song got placed that many times and how did Nikki Manaj get on my top played songs. This is not the only song with so many plays, 38 others are up there too in the thousands. Wow. April or May was the last time I started with a clean slate so in a year I've used my iPod quite a lot--not counting all the videos I've seen on YouTube. Me and my iPod have been though a lot that's for sure.

Anyway, dA is one of my other my main points here. On April of 2010 I decided not to clean my message box here on dA to see how many of them I would collect without being tempted to keep my message center on 0 like I would normally would. Also, a whopping 2,500 notifies (including devwatch messages and not limiting favs, watches, and llamas) are sitting there today not counting my regular messages I responded to that automatically were removed from the count. Listen, I don't want to sound like I'm bragging because I've seen people who get these much if they don't sign in in a week, but this is certainty a whole bunch for me. Which leads me to thank you guys for all the support I've got through the past year. I know I haven't got to release anything remarkable here (like auser here actually told me in my face before!)

But ALSO! My browsing history on Firefox (on my Windows Drive) has not been cleared at ALL in a year too! This breaks the record for the longest time I've not cleared my browsing history. All websites I visited  are logged from research to school projects and of course regular browsing; all that stuff since last year. A year worth of browsing can easily be seen in my history. Firefox doesn't even recognize there is a year worth of history and calls it "6 mo. or more old" LOL .

Dang is there anything else you've neglected?, is what you may ask. I'm trying to think and I feel like I'm missing something but I guess that's all. You might think I've gone loopy, but not that many of you know that last year was the least I've used my computer since I had internet. A couple days actually went by without even turning the computer on because I had no computer access due to my office space used by something else at my house.  Even these past days other stuff have affected my computer time like school (which completely interrupted my plans of an iPhone theme I was working on, icon replacements, a ui...). Time will tell if I can work on them more now that exams are over and having completed my first term of college.

I think I know what can caused me to do all this. It all ties with my loss of computer time that lead me to use my computer less and not having time to mod my iPod and not use my computer that much in general. My PC is currently back in my hands and I'm in school break so I finally might have time to resume to my regular hobby. Hopefully I can come up with some great stuff for my gallery and I mean it this time. A decent portfolio with more than average stuff is my goal. Today, before going to school to take a final exam, I was browsing dA and came across this awesome artist who makes some amazing realistic digital paintings. I was really impressed so I checked this person's profile to see their gallery and in their dev info they had a time line of their work. [Quick Edit: found the artist check him out!: Sheridan-J] The year 2004, which is also the year he finished high school, was when he started to appreciate drawing. Each year from 2004 to present has three pieces of art he drew and each getting even get better. So, I realized that if I want to thrive in my favorite hobby it will take time and practice. There. Please forgive me in advance for any crappy stuff that I might put out in the future. :P  If I hyped all this up and something awesome doesn't come from me to the community, please bare with me, I hope you can understand that; well, shit happens. This is life.

I also think this is my best journal to date so I will keep it here without expecting comments; but to have it for myself so I can reflect back to it in a couple of years or who knows, whatever I may use this for in the future. Thanks for reading. : )

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Photoshop a Sub and Thanks!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 17, 2011, 9:40 AM
Today on my main Windows PC, I finally moved to Photoshop CS5 after using CS3 for about 3 years. Actually, CS3 was the first version of Photoshop I had ever used and I was totally comfortable using it that I didn't want to change. When CS4 was out, one thing that I kinda didn't like from the new version was the stupid UI. I mean why did they change the window frame to a built in one? Couldn't they use the old fashioned system based frame. Call me an aero glass freak but the aero frame is a lot better.

Back in late 2010 when I started using Mac I used CS4 over there and the design sort of looks like OSX aqua. I didn't use my Windows PC that much so I got used to it. I discovered a little tool inside of it and I think its very useful so after a while I thought I could do big thing with it. When I got on my Windows PC I missed the tool so I decided to upgrade. And I did and took the step to CS5. I was busy while upgrading my setup but I did it anyway. When I got back I opened photoshop and the first thing I noticed was the sick new slash screen. For a second I thought I had got hacked cause it looked awesome. Then was the same UI scheme in CS4 but I was cool with it... I was looking for the window buttons and I saw this:…

wtf? It looks like an XP on VTP which I thought was horrible.

Then I saw another design flaw :

(hint: Luna styled slid buttons)

aparently it was developed on XP :iconw0tplz:

But anyway I'm excited to work in it and I made my first new icon for my iphone icons with it (the notes icon), here's the link if you haven't seen it:

Icons by balderoine

I think it looks kind of good but this is the best one that I've came up with so far, so any changes made might just be minor details or alternative versions.

OHHH! I also want to give big thanks to :icongor0n: for giving me a 6 mo. sub! I feel very thankful for everything he has done for me and the sub is very appreciated. It motivates me to put more of my work here.

I also wanna thank everybody who favs and comments and devwatches me because I still see some people out there even though dA is slowly dying or at least it seems that way but I'm looking forward for moar things to come.

That is all :D

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I just wanted to wish you guys, my watchers, a happy new years and give a thanks for commentng and faving my work.  It has meant a lot to me and I wouldn't be anyone without you people *tear*. The new year is hours away but I'm still stuck in the moment of 2010 because I felt it has been my year. A lot of things happened this year both good and f**ked up things and yet this year has been very memorable to me. I can actually remeber when it started back on Jan 1 which I could never do before and all I can say was that it went by so fast.

My second point of this journal is because I have decided I  want to blog a little bit  SO, which blogging site shud I use? Except microblogging ie. Twitter which I  have and like but not exactly what I need, I think.   

That is all
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I canceled my billing so my premium membershit is over. I canceled it because I thought I didn't really needed it but I might wanna return to it in a few days who knows. If I do I hope that I can use more awesome fancy CSS shenanigans and not let it go to waste :) Anywho last css journal in a while spring break is next week I hope I can start a couple of iphone icons :burp:

ah shit I think my css privileges ended a bit early

edit 2: that's not fair, before I opened this new journal form I still had the sub and after I hit send it ended lol wow
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2 Years

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 12, 2010, 5:42 PM
I haven't wrote a journal in a while, but I sort of fell grateful about all the my watchers and visitors that resulted me in almost 15,000 page views. And then I just hit me that today February 12, which is my two year anniversary on dA :la:. So this is a simple journal thanking all my watchers, friends and visitors for the support on my art and stuff :). I haven't went anywhere but I feel like I'm back somehow. So I really hope I can start making some stuff again for you guys, I just need some moar inspiration and time because of school.. But if you guys would like to request something in specific from me you could ask and I will try my best to help you out.

Well that's it for now ^^' Cya l8tr :D

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Stamps and W.I.P. [Discontinued]

Fri Oct 16, 2009, 6:46 PM

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, this is me balderoine, returning from my second journal entry ever.


Up to this date, I am still having a splendid experience with my premium membership. However, it has come to my attention that I should place charming deviantART journal stamps to a miniature collection located in an appropriate site here on my profile. Unfortunately, various stamps that I admired in the past are hard to find these days--it's sort of like they grew feet and abandoned this place. I vaguely recall observing a plethora of clever stamps, but lamentably I never saved any.

My favorite one is far is the following:

Respect the Blank Stare  stamp by Queen-of-Ice-Heart

I would like to ask if you dear deviants could be kind enough to share your favorite stamps here via comment. It would be appreciated.


I was bored and on photoshop so I got some ideas of making a folder icon. I got inspired by my school folder and from there it evolved to a completely different icon. Here it is:

I only worked for it for about 20 minutes so please don't expect it to be perfect. I haven't decided yet if I'll make a set or just release this icon in all sizes like 16px, 32px etc along with a .PNG. What do you think?


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10,000 Pageviews, Thanks

Thu Oct 1, 2009, 7:38 PM
10,000 Pageviews, Thanks

Hey sup guise, wow.. I never really wrote a journal but I'll give it a shot right now.


I want to thank all my friends, visitors and watchers for the 10,000 pageviews. Which I reached my first 10k today :party:

Finally Subscribed

I other news, I wanted to take the opportunity to write this journal to try out this awesome CSS. Yeah, after thinking about if for a while I finally got a sub. I'll be trying out these features and junk later on. Well that's it for now.. :)

Features of the month
Fog + Non Noise update by d5r
Aero Xtreme 7 XP RC2 by IanITAInc

designed and coded by LeMex
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